Narendra Modi at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit giving right answer to media


Here is future India’s National Leader & Future Prime Minister talking & giving back right answers to national media who’s intent is well disclosed in their own questions.

It’s real inspiration leader like Modi has risen in my time that I vote & support him to be our future India’s Prime Minister.

It’s real shame that India media ask him about Muslims connected questions just to disgrace him from his position. As modi said he never put any reservation on basis on religion for beneficiaries.

Shree Narendra Modi made Rajdeep Sardesai is fool of person who jokes about he wearing saffron or orange colour kurta or shirt & doesn’t support saffron ideology.

It’s real shame on media personnels that they don’t understand beyond their imagination.

It’s harsh reality to send Rajdeep Sardesai back to school to learn essence of hindu.

Here is full talk & answers given by Modi in Hindustan Times Leadership Summit:


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Mandar Apte

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