My success story of being from fat to fit in 4 months by walking almost 2,000 kilometres in 4 months & 30 kilometres daily…!!!

Few things to clarify this blog post is all about my health, I was at my peak health condition in year 2001 / 04. That was my college years when I was doing bodybuilding, weight lifting & 12 kilometres walking daily. But I had one bad habit that I was eating 100 grams Jalebi’s daily. If you don’t know what Jalebi is then it is 90% Sugar & 10% of Maida i.e. Wheat Flour approx.

But then after my post graduation I got the job in IT Company as an Graphic Designer by that time all my exercises were stopped I was having almost powder milk coffee 5 times daily. Then some food at 4 pm to be exact. So it was my unhealthy lifestyle period in my life.

I gained weight from 75 kilograms to 108 kilograms from fit to fat in 5 years.

So after 3 to 4 jobs in year 2016 I got tremendous back pain so that was my realisation point that I should do something about my health. I also got advice from relatives that stop doing job and concentrate on health first.

So on 1st January 2017 I started walking again daily 2 hours approximately 15 kilometres at stretch. I started maintaining my daily diary of walk routines which I was doing for last 6 years. Nothing new but from 22nd February I started walking 2 hours twice daily i.e. 4 hours & 30 kilometres daily. Till today 14th May 2017.


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