A Inspirational Artist, ‘Pascal Campion’ with Inspiration concept of ‘Sketch of The Day’

Watch this video of Pascal Campion & his concept of Sketch of The Day,

I truly subscribed to his Sketches my mail format by which he sketches a single illustration for last several years…

Sometimes I feel that every aspirational artist & professional artist in the world should start his own daily with concept of Sketch of The Day not just to start his day but experience happiness hidden within drawing shapes, figures, characters & coloring it on paper or computer display. In today’s world having own blog & website is no rare thing, So Artist can share his sketches or drawings or paintings online & let other people discover it & enjoy thoroughly even he or she is not from art field.

& Definitely I will follow the same foot step with my website here,

Do Visit Pascal Compion’s Website here,


Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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