Animating from Heart – A Talk by Ryan Woodward

It’s really amazing to learn from creative pro’s about their creative process, how they approach the work.

Animating from the heart and comparing Logic vs Inspiration.


About Ryan:

Ryan Woodward began his career as an animator/designer and storyboard artist in 1995. He has worked for Warner Brothers Feature Animation, Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Entertainment and Dreamworks Pictures on films such as Space Jam, The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones, Spider-man 2, Spider-man 3, Where the Wild Things Are, Ironman 2, Cowboys and Aliens and The Avengers (2012). Ryan has produced and directed a variety of short films including, Thought of You (2010), that have played in over 60 film festivals worldwide. Ryan’s independent production company has provided short animated films for The Polynesian Cultural Center, The Monterey Bay Aquarium and is currently developing their own IP’s.  Ryan is an assistant professor of the Animation program at Brigham Young University where he teaches storyboarding, figure drawing, visual development and animation.  He is currently a member of IATSE local 800, The Art Directors Guild.  Ryan and his wife, Tiffany, have three little girls, and is an avid cyclist and mountainbiker.


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